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Who Are Our Experts?

We welcome you to our site. Hope you are doing well. We connect you to the curated network of expert professionals for successful and timely project execution.

As already mentioned, we provide Expert Consultation to various organizations and top gigs hailing from the diverse industrial cross-sections. Several companies look for experienced professionals to help them optimize business expansion. We connect our experts to these firms based on their skills and domain-specific knowledge. Now, a question may arise in your mind, that is, “who are these experts?”

Vedak is an exclusive community of ‘Industry Experts’ with significant experience in leading organizations and a strong educational background. By experience, we mean not just the number of years but the quality of employment.

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From Which Industries Are Our Experts Hailing?

Our experts are hailing from top organizations of each and every industry. They are retired professionals, or mid-level management professionals, having years of work experience in industries like Banking & Finance, Healthcare & Hospital Management, Pharmaceuticals & Medicines, Real Estate, Retail, Ecommerce, Transporting & Logistics, Manufacturing & Automobiles, Education & Training. Expert Consultation is required in all the industrial sectors, and we provide the same being ahead of the market standards.

The market landscape undergoes radical shifts and transformations, and these impact the business-growth exponentially. Our experts, who are alumni of top organizations like BCG, KPMG, and Amazon etc, can make insightful contributions to business diversification. We maintain a record of satisfied clients who have been helped by such veterans with in-depth knowledge and a fresh perspective. You can read thousands of articles and documents on the ever-changing market conditions, but that cannot be at par with the first-hand experience and niche skills of our curated list of experts.

How Many Years Of Experience Do Our Experts Have?

Well, to answer this, we have to cover a vast range of numbers, from 5 to 10 to 15 and above. Our expert professionals have a bright employment history, and several years are required for that to happen. Our experts have:

  • Worked with the top 5 companies by market share in the respective domain for more than 5 years
  • Worked with the top 10 management consulting firms for more than 2 years
  • Completed MBA from tier 1 B-Schools
  • Worked as a freelance consultant with multiple companies and executing significant projects
  • Retired from CXO or COO levels from reputed organizations

As understood from the above criteria, our experts are undisputed masters of their specific domains and honing such skills obviously requires a substantial amount of time. Vedak ensures best in-class experts and industry consultants across 20+ industries.

Are Our Experts India-based?

Our expert network is vast, inclusive of Indian and global. We are India-based organization and our experts are mostly Indian citizens. But we also have few selected experts from global locations like USA and Asia. As per the project requirements, we connect the suitable experts. Their professional backgrounds and niche skills are given prime importance over geographical locations. If our experts are well endowed with domain specific knowledge and in sync with the project outlines, they are approached for the successful completion of the same.

How Do We Onboard Our Experts

We follow a 4 step screening process for onboarding our experts.

  • Expertise Evaluation:  The first step of the screening process is to interview the candidates thoroughly to check their in-depth domain-related knowledge, intent and availability. We make sure that the candidates are suitable for the required job role as posted by the clients. 
  • Soft Skill assessment: Next, we ensure that the candidates possess productive personality traits, soft skills, communication skills and language skills by rigorous assessments. The candidates are made certain that they are passionate, motivated and dedicated to their work. 
  • Value Judgment for live projects: The candidate’s past experience is very crucial at this stage to understand his potential. We scrutinize the selected job profile and match the same with suitable live projects. Candidates from premium B-schools with considerable experience in big-shot companies and diverse domain are shortlisted for matching the quality expected by industries. 
  • Plug and play: Finally, when the candidates clear the above assessment procedure, we connect them to the clients for kick-starting the prospective projects. The screening process is designed to ensure that the best talent is at the disposal of the posted business opportunities. The selected candidates are expected to give a commendable performance while working with clients and maintain Vedak’s track record of 98.5% client satisfaction. 

How Do You Connect To Our Experts?

Sign up with us. Mail us directly or contact us via the phone number provided on the site. Tell us your project requirement, and we will reach you with the selected experts within 24 hours. We will arrange for an introductory call or teleconference with expert where you can discuss with him about related topics and live projects.

Once you are satisfied with the preliminary discussions with our selected expert, you can finalise him for your project execution. In case you are not, we will arrange for a new expert at the earliest. Our aim is to give you full satisfaction at the very first go.

Vedak will connect you to the smartest minds, on-demand. Be it long term or short term projects, we will provide you with a niche skilled and agile workforce to fuel the growth of your business.  The leading organizations are not just restricting with in-bound resources, but they are exploring the external resources as well. We at Vedak will aid the business with professional minds and experts for exponential profitability. 

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