Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Information and Other Data We Collect:

Visit our website and SignUp as a consultant. Team Vedak will review each profile before granting access to Vedak. Due to the high number of applications, we may take up to 72 hrs to evaluate the profile.

If your profile is approved, you can view all the projects and start bidding for the suitable projects.

If your profile is not approved, please don't worry, We will get back to you as soon as we start working on projects suitable for you

Please note that there is no subscription fee or minimum commitment for executing work.

Any individual / a representative of the consulting firm or agency can join Vedak after accepting the T&C (Consultant).

We work with marquee investment & consulting firms, leading startups, corporates, enterprises, NGOs.

Projects range from software development, UX designs, discrete tasks like quick-hit financial analysis or market research to large-scale traditional management consulting work, including the strategy development or new product development or process improvement & implementation, project management to name a few.

The companies engage with the consultants ranging from a few hours to several months of work based on the scope of work. Projects may range from Rs. 10k to several lakhs

Once a project is posted and approved, we use our proprietary algorithm which uses your profile data and resume to precisely identify the right profiles for the job and notify them. This helps avoid spamming you with irrelevant projects. The consultants can also visit the "Suggested Project" tab to understand the project requirement and submit the proposal & bid for the project.

  1. The projects suitable for the consultants are shown in the “Suggested Project” tab.
  2. The consultants can check the project brief and based on their availability and suitability, the consultants can submit their proposal and bid for the project. They can also request for more information regarding the project which will be incorporated
  3. Once the client approves a consultants profile, Vedak will notify the consultant. The consultant can start communicating with the Client to finalise the scope of the work and consultation rate.
  4. Post go-ahead signal from the client, the consultant can kickstart the project.

Clients will notify the expected start of engagement in the project posting. The actual date/time might vary based on the actual client requirement. Team Vedak is always in touch with the clients and encourages them to act promptly and update consultants asap.

You can also recommend a consultant to complete any project on Vedak. You just need to provide us their email id and phone number. We will contact them and if they join Vedak, they will be assigned to you. Once the referred consultant completes the project successfully, you will get 15% of the entire amount (upto Rs 10000 ) as a referral bonus.
You can also upload all your linkedin contacts at one go. If any of your contacts completes a project successfully, you will get the same referral bonus as mentioned above

The consultant on Vedak who refers someone else the first is considered the referrer.
Hence there’s a natural advantage in referring someone good you know as soon as possible

No! Once you refer any potential consultant for a project or for general onboarding, we typically review the profile of the suggested consultant and gauge his/ her suitability for projects with us. If there’s a mutual fit, then we onboard the consultant. However, in the entire process, we do not reveal your details to them

You can go to “Earnings and referral” section to check the status of your referral. You can check if your referred consultants have accepted your invitation to join Vedak platform /projects done by them/referral bonus etc. For confidentiality purpose, the exact project and consultant match will not be revealed

Once both users ( client and consultant) confirm the completion of the project, we initiate the payment process. We transfer the consultation amount to the consultant’s bank account within 15 business days. Applicable taxes are deducted from the total earning and TDS certificate is issued to the consultant for the same. You can visit “Earning and referral” to get the earning details.

After completion of the project, the client and consultant are encouraged to provide the feedback and rate their experience working with each other. Ratings along with qualitative testimonials will appear on consultant’s profile and be visible to other users.

Congratulations. Anything that’s good for you is good for us. We will work with the client to facilitate the transition to full-time employment immediately

We definitely encourage further consultation but if it’s not done via Vedak platform, it would be a violation of our terms and conditions. Consultants introduced to clients through Vedak will not be directly contacted till a period of 12 months from the last project done together.
Please notify Vedak by sending a mail to [email protected]

Confidentiality and privacy are of utmost importance to us.

  1. Confidentiality with the clients:
    1. No one can see your profile unless you have bid for a project they have posted.
    2. We ensure that you will not be shown or allowed to bid on projects posted by your own company or peer company (in case currently employed)
    3. All profiles are default private unless specifically made public by the consultants themselves
  2. Confidentiality with other consultants:
    1. Consultant cannot browse the profiles of other consultants working with Vedak.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

FAQ [for Client]

Marquee investment & consulting firms, leading startups, corporates and enterprises in India are the customers of Vedak.

Vedak is an exclusive network of business consultants, software developers, and designers who find quality work with enterprise clients. All Vedak consultants have significant work experience in top companies with the solid educational background. We have industry consultants (Sales & Business Development, Manufacturing, R&D, Operations, Supply Chain), management consultants, software developers from product companies and designers.

No. If you are a client and looking for hiring good consultants for your project, simply sign up as a client with Vedak and post the project. Vedak team will reach out to you for clarifications if any. You will start getting the proposals and bids from most suitable consultants for your project.

Our three-step process ensures that 99% of our projects have very high approval ratings.

  1. Onboard exclusive consultants having significant experience in top companies from respective domain or the people from top companies and/or top colleges
  2. Assignment of the consultants for the project: Our smart algorithm matching tool powered by machine learning, natural language processing, and curated skill taxonomy help us in recommending the best consultants for the clients. Additionally, we do our interview with the consultant to assure their competence.

Free trial period - Our confidence in the quality of our consultants allows us to provide a free trial period  (up to 25% of the project duration) - during which if the client is not satisfied, he can cancel the project or seek a replacement without any charge.

Vedak solves the problem where the client doesn’t know the quality of the freelancer he is hiring unless they start working with them. To account for the risk, clients lower the prices they pay for the talent, however this makes quality freelancers stay away because they know they are worth much more. Vedak strives to overcome this by becoming a:

  • Trusted signal of quality - Current freelancing sites like Upwork depend on ratings/feedback and standardised tests which can be gamed. We onboard only freelancers from top companies and colleges and manually evaluate once relevant project becomes available to guarantee quality
  • Easy for Moonlighters - Large majority of projects only require part-time work by expert freelancers who can give time after their day jobs at good companies.We recruit from current employees proactively and give them quality projects.


On-site interactions - Most projects will require some face to face interaction once in a while.We proactively build freelancer communities in specific cities one at a time to solve for this

Customer satisfaction is critical to us. While we rigorously screen all the consultants to ensure talent and intelligence, we understand that not every person will be a perfect fit for every company. That’s why we provide a free trial period - (up to 25% of the project time or maximum up to 1 week) and guarantee replacement with the right consultant. We do it quickly (within 1 or 2 days) to avoid wasting time of the customer

How do you handle confidentiality?

Confidentiality and privacy are of the utmost importance to us. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information. All the consultants with Vedak are under strict NDA & they have agreed to keep all of their work through Vedak confidential when they join the network.

We do not disclose the client’s identity to the rest of consultant pool. Consultants working on your project will only come to know about your organization once you disclose it to them 1:1

The clients can sign a separate /own NDA with the consultants if it is required.

Absolutely. We have been working with top consulting and PE firms with very strict compliance requirements. Our legal team will be happy to work with you to address any specific NDA/concerns

Once both users ( client and consultant) confirm the completion of the project, we initiate the payment process. We invoice our clients in INR and applicable taxes are mentioned. We invoice our client based on the nature of the project

  • For short-term consulting projects, Vedak raises an invoice to the client once the project is completed.
  • For long-term projects (with duration more than 1 month) we typically invoice our clients twice a month.

The client needs to bank transfer the fees within 15 working days. Any payment not received from the client by the due date may accrue, at Vedak’s discretion, late charges at the rate of 1.5% of the outstanding balance per month, or the maximum rate permitted by law, whichever is higher from the date such payment was due until the date paid.

Please note that we currently accept only bank transfer.

Unfortunately NO.

Once the client posts the project, team Vedak reviews the project details for completeness and makes it live. Usually, the client will start getting the relevant bids in first 24 hours, and then the client can kick-start their engagements.

To protect the identity of our consultants, you will not be able to search consultants. Only once they bid for your project, will you be able to know their profile

We have consultants across functional areas and industries. The consultants decide upon the prices considering project type, length, intensity, expertise requirement,

experience. If the client clearly mentions the budget, the consultants may get an idea about the expectation and allow them to determine if the project is of interest. We will work with the clients to find the right price point for their projects.

  • Longer projects with definite scope of work usually have fixed price
  • Smaller projects / the scope of the work is not well defined can have hourly / daily consultation charges.

If the client wants a consultant to work with them on-site, the client has to clearly mention in the project detail form itself. This will help in attracting the right talent for their requirements.

Vedak goes to every possible length to ensure that this doesn’t happen. Considering your reliance on our consultants, we take all the measures to ensure the availability and reliability of our consultants. However, in the unlikely circumstance, we will either source an alternative consultant or credit back the time billed to the client.

Obviously the client. Vedak helps its clients to connect with the world-class consultants who want to work with them on a project basis and for the property. Our terms and conditions clearly mention that all the work is the property of the client, not Vedak or its consultants.

Once you start getting the bids from the consultants, the client can negotiate with the consultants on the consultation charges via Vedak platform Services only. Please note that we always work with you to find the right price point for your project.


Absolutely. Vedak allows the clients to hire a consultant on the payroll. For placement of full-time hires, we charge 15% of the first year’s salary.