Vedak follows certain policies for a healthy professional network

The Policies We Follow At Vedak

We welcome you to our site. Hope you are doing well. We connect you to the curated network of expert professionals for successful and timely project execution.

We have an exclusive community of pre-screened expert professionals across 20+ industries, top gigs and large business organizations. We maintain certain policies, rules and regulations to foster a healthy and profitable professional network. Our policies are built for the best interests of both our experts and business organizations (our clients).

Our experts must comply with Vedak’s Terms and Conditions while indulging in any form of consultation with our clients. The experts will receive its link along with each and every consultation invite sent to them by Vedak.

Strict Policies For Avoiding Confidentiality Breach & Conflict of Interests

Vedak’s clients include the world’s leading management consulting firms and financial service firms who do not want confidential or sensitive information. Confidentiality needs to be maintained:

  • To develop and build trust between the experts, clients and also Vedak.
  • To initiate a free flow of information without any breach of the obligation to any organization or entity whatsoever. 
  • To acknowledge and abide by the laws of the land and honour your obligations to all parties involved.
  • To avoid harming experts, Vedak and its clients
  • To value integrity, professional ethics and organizational responsibilities.
  • To anticipate areas of potential conflict and deter from giving any sensitive information.

Our Experts Must Not Participate In Consultations That Will

  • Require providing any information which the Expert is obliged to keep confidential, including any proprietary data and identifiable information
  • Lead the Expert to breach any obligation to any entity, including his employer
  • Demand the Expert to violate any agreement or code of conduct to which he/she is subject
  • Cause the Expert to share any non-public data belonging exclusively to his/her employer or his/her organization. 
  • May misuse the information shared by the Expert, jeopardizing his/her current status of employment.

Potential Conflict Of Interests Our Experts Must Review

  • Agreements about the current and former employment
  • Employee guidelines or code of conduct policies of current or former employment as applicable
  • Professional ethics, codes of conduct and regulatory reforms of present or former employments
  • Consultation agreements and contracts of the present and former clients

We Consider Our Own Privacy And The Privacy Of Our Clients To Be Paramount

Our Experts must keep certain information confidential, regarding the consultations they participated in, like:

  • the identity of Vedak’s Clients
  • the nature and subject-matter of the consultations Experts participate in
  • Vedak’s practices, policies and procedures
  • This obligation continues after the completion of the consultation.

Anti-Bribery Policies Must be Abided By at All Costs

  • You must acknowledge and abide by the Anti-bribery Laws and Anti-Corruption legislation like Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 and the Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002, or any such applicable laws under the Indian Constitution. 
  • While taking part in any consultation, you should not offer or receive any gift, both cash and kind, with any purpose of influencing any government employees or officials to extract any sensitive information or data. The act can be considered bribery, which can lead to six months to seven years of imprisonment and paying hefty penalties. 
  • If you are a Government official, you are strictly prohibited from discussing government legislation, regulatory policies, contracts or any other business that you would be in a position to vouch for, or influence in any way. 

On accepting the consultation request, the Expert is acknowledging that he does not have any problem in consulting on the topics of the proposed request or with the particular Vedak client who submitted the request.

In case you have any query regarding the consultation topics, projects or the clients, please feel free to contact the assigned Project Manager. 

You are the only individual who can decide whether you are professionally and ethically allowed to take part in a consultation regarding a particular subject. If you think there may be a conflict of interest, you can decline the consultation request.

Whether you are an Expert Professional or Business Organization, contact us TODAY to know more.

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