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The Support We Provide To Our Experts

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We connect organizations and businesses to the curated network of expert professionals for successful and timely project execution.

Vedak is an exclusive platform of expert professionals, retired veterans and mid-level management professionals all set to build the Future of Work. We at Vedak ensure that business and professionals connect for a better future.

Vedak has taken a step to re-imagine the Future of Work, with professionals hailing from 20+ industries. We make sure that our experts are rewarded for their sincere efforts and dedication. We support our experts through thick and thin, and ensure their professional wellbeing. We are here to extend our helping hand to the expert professionals and veterans.

Career Building Support

Vedak is a platform for experienced professionals, having in-depth knowledge about diverse domains and industrial landscape. We connect our expert professionals to the top gigs and large organizations who are looking for smartest minds. The rising wave of on-demand services can be highly beneficial to the expert consultants, advisors, subject matter experts (SME) and key opinion leaders (KOI). Professionals, both experienced and rookie consultants can join our exclusive community. It can happen that an experienced professional has never taken part in consultation services. We provided extended support to the new consultants and explain to them the nitty-gritty of the same. What is crucial, for being a member of our community, is the niche skills, fresh perspective, strong educational background, in-depth knowledge, and domain-specific experience. For being a part of Vedak, you have to sign up as an expert, in our portal. Highlight your experiences and skills, and also get a chance to discuss with the other highly skilled professionals of our community. Once you sign up, we will screen your resume to ensure that you meet the bar. After screening rigorously, we will connect you to the live projects that match your skills and experience. You can fulfil your dream to work with the largest organizations, Fortune 500 companies and thus glorify your curriculum vitae. With us, you will get the golden opportunity to expand your knowledge and professional network.

Consultation Support

After we connect our experts to a suitable live project, we don’t leave the scene. We provide 24*7 support and peer to peer help to our expert professionals. At Vedak, we follow strict rules and policies to safeguard the interest of our experts and also our clients. After we shortlist a candidate for project consultation, we discuss with the expert about the project topics and detailed outlines. The expert must know the details of the live project before saying ‘YES’ to the same. The professional must be available at a particular time for the consultation. After we finalize the candidate, we organize an introductory teleconference between the expert and the client, for the preliminary discussion about the project. If the client is satisfied, then the consultation is fixed and scheduled after discussing with both the client and the expert. During the consultation, if the expert apprehends about a possible security breach, then he can leave the consultation or channelize the discussion towards a more generalized topic. Leaking sensitive or confidential information is strictly prohibited during the consultation. If the expert is facing any problem, regarding project consultation or the scheduled time, or the project outlines, or anything regarding the project, please contact the respected project manager. We always walk the extra mile to provide consultation support to our expert professionals.

Post Consultation Support

After the consultation is over, you continue to be a member of our exclusive community. We aim to nurture a healthy professional relationship with our expert professionals and veterans. We guarantee bulletproof payment methods to our experts. At Vedak, there is no bidding. We make sure that our experts are rewarded with justifiable remunerations, following the market standards. It is advisable that our experts must not disclose about the consultations that they have participated in. After the consultation, we remain connected to our experts and connect to them for future project consultation requests.

We work closely with clients to ensure they are giving quality projects with realistic timelines and budgets to the industry experts.

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