Our Service: Expert Consultation

Our Service: Expert Consultation

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We connect organizations and businesses to the curated network of expert professionals for successful and timely project execution.

Vedak is an exclusive platform of expert professionals, retired veterans and mid-level management professionals all set to build the Future of Work. We at Vedak ensure that business and professionals connect for a better future.

Vedak enables experienced professionals with niche skills, good insight, trained executives, former CEO/CXO to work remotely in long term and short term projects of leading agile organizations. They can be onboarded as consultants, advisors, or part-time resources and get rewarded with lucrative remunerations. We help our experts to give the greatest and smartest exposure in the diverse world of a vast industry.

Unlock your growth potential by giving greatest exposure to your expertise and talents.

The world is progressing in full swing, and the main mantra is ‘be better every day’. The leading organizations are not just restricting with in-bound resources, but they are exploring the external resources as well. We at Vedak, aid the businesses with professional minds and experts for exponential profitability. 

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What Is Expert Consultation?

The top tier management professionals and veterans have acquired years of experience and have learnt a great deal along their journey. There are also several organizations and gigs that are looking for such qualified and experienced candidates for short or long term projects. These organizations onboard such expert professionals on a need basis or on-demand basis in lieu of lucrative remunerations following the market standards.

The expert professionals can work as per their convenience, in weekends or anytime suitable for them. The projects generally come with a deadline. The experts execute live projects to meet the given deadlines.  The expert can consult to the client company about live projects, or be onboarded as a part-time advisor.

We connect our expert professionals to suitable live projects of the clients, on the basis of the project requirements, niche skills and in-depth domain-specific knowledge of the experts. We arrange for a preliminary teleconference or an introductory call where the expert and the client can discuss related topics before the expert is finalized for the same.

Our aim is to give full satisfaction to our clientele and our experts and build an efficient professional network.

What Kind Of Projects Do We Deal With?

We have best in class experts hailing from all the sectors of the industrial landscapes. We provide Expert Consultation for projects of various industries, like Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostic Industry, Banking and Finance, Retail and eCommerce, Travel, transport and logistics, Education and Training Industry and many more.

For example, there is this reputed Healthcare Company which is planning for business expansion in South East Asia, mainly Indonesia. The company requested us to help them with the market conditions, the schemes provided by the government, the key competitors and their market share, sales, marketing and administrative procedures. These kinds of projects that require intricate and accurate detailed information are best suited for experts hailing from the Healthcare industry. We connected the expert to the company and the result was client & expert satisfaction and successful project execution.

In the same fashion, we receive several requests about various industries. So, to meet the demands of the clients, our expert network is diverse as well.

Contact us today with your defined project outlines and expectations. We will connect you to the suitable candidates within 24 hours.

How Do We Work To Give The Best Expert Consultation Service?

We have a dedicated team that screens candidates as per the project requirements. After we are satisfied, then only we proceed with the profile and notify the client about the same. We follow a meticulous 4-step screening procedure for onboarding experts. Once, the expert is selected, we arrange for an introductory teleconference, as already mentioned above.

If you are an organization or business looking for an expert consultation, drop us a mail or give us a call at the number provided on the site. Share your expectations and demands and we will get back to you within no time.

If you are an Expert professional looking for lucrative opportunities, create a profile with us. Highlight your skills, expertise and employment history. We will review your profile thoroughly to make sure you meet the bar.  Join our exclusive community and we will get in touch with you once we find live projects matching your profile.

What Are The Benefits You Can Enjoy Here?

If you are an Expert Professional, you can:

  • Give your expertise the greatest exposure across diverse industries
  • Get connected to exciting business opportunities, grab a chance to work with top gigs
  • Get secured payment, guaranteed. No bidding, best rates as per the market standards
  • Choose from multiple engagement models, work as per your convenience, remotely or on-site
  • Get our round-the-clock support for a seamless fruitful experience, reach us anytime.

If you are an Organization or Business, looking for suitable Expert Professionals, you can:

  • Work with best expert professionals and veterans across diverse industries, on-demand, as required by the live projects
  • Get quality assurance, full satisfaction with compliant and competent experts, discuss with them before finalizing one  
  • Enjoy the fastest turnaround with us, connect to  expert professionals right when you need, within 24-48 hours for consultations  
  • Enjoy free trial period up to 10% of project duration, get a free and fast replacement in case you are not satisfied with consultation
  • Connect to experts for both short term or long term projects, for remote or on-site engagement, as per your expectations

We invest in onboarding only selected industry experts with a proven track record thus providing highly dependable professionals who add value from day one – at the right prices to Indian and Global companies.

We work closely with clients to ensure they are giving quality projects with realistic timelines and budgets to the industry experts.

Whether you are an Expert Professional or Business Organization, contact us TODAY to know more.

Hope to see you soon!

Take care.

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