Scope of opportunities for our experts

The Scope Of Opportunities Our Experts Have With Us

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We connect organizations and businesses to the curated network of expert professionals for successful and timely project execution.

From our exclusive community of our expert network, the professionals can be rewarded with lucrative opportunities. These opportunities brighten the resume with glorified employment history. We have a track record over 30,000 hours of successful consultation projects.

Many a time the experts ranging from veterans to mid-level professionals willingly plunge in the waxing wave of part-time employment for the urge of exploring diverse avenues. And, then again there are ‘n’ number of organizations and business endeavours who are in constant lookout for niche skilled employable resources for fast and hassle-free project completion, to be hired on a need basis. Vedak helps the two ends to connect with each other, cushioning the expansion of business and talent exposure worldwide. We are streamlining companies and experts to work efficiently and profitably for a prospective future. 

Connected and united make us stronger! 

Dive in, to know more about the scope of opportunities for our expert professionals.

Get Lucrative Professional Opportunities

Create a profile with us. Highlight your skills and expertise; mention your detailed employment history. We will check your profile thoroughly to ensure that you meet the bar. After joining your exclusive community, we will connect you to live projects matching your profile. The Future of Work is changing for the better. The regular 9-5 jobs and an obvious retirement after the age of 60 years are taking a backseat with every passing day. The human-centric industry or better to say, the talent-centric industry is unfolding, where individuals can develop and upgrade themselves through self-discovery. An ever-expanding number of qualified employable resources, who have willingly or otherwise exited the routine corporate life to continue with their “passion”, to continue with something that they love, are eager to contribute their knowledge for business growth.

These resources are endowed with the domain-specific skillset for projects of several industrial segments. Our platform gives the greatest exposure of these talents to the industries that are looking for minds like them. Let us give an example.

A reputed road development company of India requested us to help about matters like, cost reduction for quarrying and crushing considering its $100 Million expenditure in quarrying. We connected to one of our suitable experts having 25+ years of experience in quarrying. He identified all the important factors, suggested a framework that could save the operating cost up to 4%. The clients were satisfied with the insightful contributions of our expert. Our expert’s successful project execution helped him to bag several such high value projects in future.

If you are an expert, waiting for your opportunities, then Vedak is the appropriate platform for you.

Experts Can Work As Per Convenience

Our experts can engage in consultation as per their convenience. There are no fixed timings, like specific weekdays or weekends. They can choose to work as per their discretion. The time of consultation is fixed on the mutual convenience of both the experts and the clients. According to that, we fix the introductory teleconference, and later the time of the consultation.

Our experts and clients enjoy the benefit of the flexible engagement models.

Our experts can engage in the consultation via teleconference, video calls, etc. They can work remotely and also on-site. We have subject matter experts (SMEs) and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) having years of experience in their specific domain. They can participate in focused group discussions with clients about competitive market landscapes, industrial shifts etc.

But the majority of projects come with a deadline. A time-bound execution is required for seamless completion. In case of any query about project execution or independent consultation, feel free to reach us anytime.

Grab Opportunities & Restore Work-life Balance

As already mentioned above, our experts can choose any of the engagement models as per convenience. This way, our experts can foster a better work-life balance. The pandemic has compelled the organizations to practice work from home. Remote working can often be challenging as it can hamper the work-life balance. But, in this case, experts are engaged in independent consultations, and for that, there is no fixed time of work. The niche skills, knowledge and availability of our experts are given prime importance before onboarding for a particular project.

If you are a working professional, you can engage after office hours. You can also opt for devoting an hour or two in weekends for executing the live projects.

Secured Payment Structures With Guarantee

We take care of our experts and ensure hassle-free payment to them. An escrow account ensures bullet-proof payment protection. We have maintained a proven track record of over 98% expert and client satisfaction. We make sure that the project outlines and the respective remunerations are following the market standards. We believe it is our duty to safeguard the rights of the experts whom we are onboarding.

In case of any problem, contact us any time, via the official mail id or phone number available on the website. There is no bidding. We assure secure payment structures for our experts, and aim to build a fruitful and long-lasting professional relationship.

Round The Clock Support And Assistance

We extend our support to our experts for better, seamless and more fruitful work experience. We are ready to walk the extra mile for our experts as their happiness matter to us. While participating in independent consultation, some problems may arise. The experts may face some serious time constraints, sudden changes in their personal schedules due to workloads, or problems in connecting to the clients, etc. In that case, the expert must contact the respective project manager of Vedak. Our dedicated team will arrange for an alternate schedule of consultations, after negotiating with both the experts and the clients. Be it a problem of consultation, or regarding remunerations, we are ready to support you any time of the day.

We help our experts to connect them to suitable live projects, where they can make insightful contributions. While participating in projects, experts can get golden opportunities to learn via first-hand experiences. Our experts are alumni of reputed organizations and top gigs, like BCG, Amazon, Deloitte, McKinsey, Kearney etc.

After experts join in our exclusive community, they can share their knowledge with other members, discuss and learn from the pool of SMEs, KOLs, and independent consultants.

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