Who is a freelancer?

Who Is A Freelancer? [Common Questions Answered]

In the year of 1819, Sir Walter Scott mentioned the word “free-lance” in his book Ivanhoe for referring to a paid mercenary who did not belong to any particular nation and could be hired whenever and whoever paid the most. The evolution of human resources started from an early age, unlike the common belief that “freelancing” is a modern term. The word ‘lance’ is a medieval weapon that was thrown higher for maximum effects on the enemy. Said that the word “freelance” makes complete sense now. A freelancer is an individual who is hired on a part-time basis, on-demand, when and if required by any organization and soar higher by walking along this road. The process of freelancing can be disintegrated in three broad steps: get hired for a particular project, complete the project and get paid before parting your ways. This mode of employment is increasing popularity with every passing day, you know why? You will know shortly.

The word “freelance”, “freelancing”, “freelancer” and other such words are heavily used daily and you will find millions of blogs and articles on Google covering the same topic. Pages of search results may help you and also confuse you at times. If you want to be or are a freelancer, then it is needless to say that several unanswered questions will cloud your mind. Making the parents and elders understand about freelancing, start-ups, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs can sometimes be challenging, but even then I would say that they are updating their mindset gradually as well. If you are facing the same issue, then only you can sort it out, but other than this if you are stuck with:  “How to start your career as a freelancer? What are the prospects of freelancing?  Is it a good idea, really, or should I go for Government jobs and retire at 60 after enjoying security? What will society say if I am a freelancer? Will Sharmaji ka beta be more prosperous than me, then?”…Chin up dear, and let’s address these questions instead.

Can I Be A Successful Freelancer?

Well, you can be, who is stopping you? But before finding the answer to this question you have to assess yourself. One has to be sincere and self-motivated to be a successful freelancer. Do you remember how your parents used to force you and pester you for sitting with books and home works in the evenings of summer vacation? In the regular mode of employment, one has the bosses and the reporting managers for creating deadlines and targets, and one has to do the job for not getting fired. Well, for starters, in this line of freelancing, there are neither parents nor bosses, you only have YOURSELF. You must be goal-oriented, focussed and develop the required skillset and expertise in your domain, and for that you need time. There are certain perks of being a freelancer, but like the Yin and the Yang, there are some shortcomings as well that must be overcome. How will you do that? By your determination to be better every day, all along your journey. Do you have these in you? Ask yourself. If yes, then Vedak is here for you. We can get you featured and guide you to be a successful freelancer.

What Are The Avenues Open For Me As A Freelancer?

Globalization and Technological Revolution (much like the Industrial Revolution) has given birth to hundreds and thousands of prospective avenues to be explored in the upcoming years. Now, people are pursuing courses like Animations, Graphic Designing, Media, Marketing, Data Entry, Programming, Financial Support, Fashion, Photography, Videography etc. You are free to walk out from the traditional crossroads of 9-5 jobs and follow your passion. Are you an Expert Graphic Designer? Or Marketing Expert? Fathomless depth of prospects is waiting for you. You have to be competent and confident about your skillset, excel in your field, and there are several business opportunities that are waiting to get their job done by someone like you. You have expertise in Media Management and want to work for Top Gigs on demand, like Silicon India and Sony. Is it possible? Yes, it is. Work for both as a freelancer, use your skill set as per the project requirements, and paint a killer bio with diverse employment experiences.

What Are The Cons?

Yin-yang, two sides of the same coin, morn and night, light and shadow, you know the drill, right? There are pros and cons of everything, 100% efficiency is a rare occurrence and you know that already. Let us look at the cons first. Freelancing is part-time employment, you may find yourself working in the long term or short term projects, sometimes you are overloaded with projects, while at other time you are glued to GOT binge-watching the already-mugged up episodes with a bucket of popcorn. The bank will not send a monthly SMS to your phone saying “your account ending with XXXX is credited with INR 45,000”. Your work is an on-demand basis, which means you will be hired when needed by whichever firm or organization. Saturdays and Sundays can be a working day for you, while weekdays can be off. These cons can easily be dealt with, I am sure.

What Are The Pros?

Once your credibility and expertise are known to all, you will have no time to breathe. You will find yourself neck-deep in projects, resulting in a heavy flow of cash and a steep elevation of your reputation. Let us drift towards the pros now. You will have flexible working schedules as a freelancer, you will work as per your convenience, and you will take up projects matching your preference and domain. You will first know the details of the live projects, select and then commit to executing it. You can work on-site i.e. from the office of the client, or remotely i.e. from your home. Flexibility is one of the biggest pros of freelancing, thus ensuring a steady work-life balance.

Finally, How Do I Start?

A helpful and supportive team of Vedak will aid you for kick-starting your freelance journey. Create a profile on our website highlighting your skills, expertise, domain, work experience etc. Get featured in the strongest network of experts and business opportunities. We will match your profile with the suitable posted projects and then we will connect you to the respective clients. After having detail discussions, you can take up the project and complete it successfully without any hassle. Post project completion, we ensure bulletproof payment protection for you. Join our broadest network of clientele to start your journey as a freelancer. Our mission is to build a solid human-centric industry, thus paving the way for shaping the Future of Work. If you are a freelancer and confused from where to start, or how to start, then come to us.

Final Takeaway

Freelancing is booming around the globe and this is the ongoing trend. Once you get the right direction and the needful advice, you can be much ahead to Sharmaji ka beta. The platform of freelancing will give you ample opportunities to monetise your expertise. The time of “following passion will not fetch you money” is obsolete. Now, follow your passion and don’t give yourself a chance to regret. You know what you love, so why not love what you do? Love is a spontaneous affair, and one does not fall in love following the dictates of society. If you love Graphic designing then what is the point of investing half of your lifetime in counting cash at a teller counter? Love what you do, do what you love, and this is exactly what we believe, and you must believe and work for it too. We will just open the door for you, the door of success.

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