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Who Are Experts? [Common Questions Answered]

Mr Krishna Rao is presently working as Head of Procurement in a leading FMCG MNC in Gurgaon, excelling in his domain. In the recent seminar organized in Delhi, the Vice Chairman of the company quoted about him “I would be clueless without his constant support and guidance”. Veterans like him are known as ‘Experts’. The various dictionaries and search engines will define the term ‘expert’ in simple lucid language. But the actual meaning is more vividly described by Mr Rao in the opening lines. The Vice-Chairman is speaking publicly that Mr Rao is not just an employee but an asset, a valuable addition in the community, an ‘Expert’ in the domain. For being an ‘expert’ one has to be dedicated, hard-working, competent and skilled, and this does not happen in a day!

Experts are the niche skilled individuals who are well updated with the current market and industry trends. They are experienced both in the number of years and quality of employment. In this era of digitization and the changing waves of industry trends, there are many skilled and employable resources who are or were hailing from diverse domains, like Banking and Financial Services, Real Estate and Construction, Education and Training etc. They are either currently working in the senior-most positions in organizations or reminiscent retired veterans. They can make valuable contributions to the industry if and when given a scope. These experts with their exclusive share of knowledge and expertise can work as an advisor, consultant or in any respective full-time engagement.

An expert is not born out of college or out of the initial tenure of employment. Years of hard work and steady career graph can entitle the individual as an ‘expert’ in a particular field. But is there any short cut to be an expert? How to be one? What are the pros of being one? Like these, there are quite a number of questions that pop up in our minds. Let us scroll down to get all our queries answered.

How long do I need to become an expert?

I am sorry my friend, there is no specific answer to this question. You need four years to hold a B.Tech degree in Engineering, but you may need ‘n’ number of years to be an expert in any field. Let’s look at an example, person A has been working for 10 years in the same position, and person B has climbed four steps in the organizational hierarchy in  9 years. So who can be called an ‘expert’? Person A is not showing any career growth, but person B has shown a steady pace in lesser tenure of employment. So, the number does not count here, but the quality of work does. One must never stop his quest for self-improvement, that’s the mantra here. Gather domain-specific skill set, be competent and confident about yourself, and build a professional and personal attachment to your own domain of employment. How long will it take for you? You know better, I guess.

Hard work or smart work or short cut?

Work hard smartly, that’s the answer to this question, plain and simple. There is no room for a short cut for achieving success. The road to short cut leads only short-lived success and long term regret. No one is born an expert. Cultivate your mind, explore the unexplored avenues, and be updated with the latest trends and technology: writing these phrases is an easy task, but achieving these? Maybe not. It takes time, and you give it. As Rancho said aptly in the movie 3 Idiots, “Pursue excellence, and success will come chasing you”.

Any pro of being an expert?

If you ask me ‘any’, I can give you many. Experts are considered to be the priceless possession of any industry or business. Everyone will look up to you and aspire to be like you. Isn’t it great to be aspired and emulated? You are having in-depth knowledge about your field, you are the undisputed master of your domain and no one can take your place. Your expertise, niche skills, tech-enabled mindset, fresh perspective and adaptability can land you as the leader of the agile employable resources. You can work and earn where you are a pro, you know where you are best and give yourself a global exposure.

Any work opportunity for an expert?

Show your expertise to the world and work opportunities will follow you. Your expertise and skills must not be hidden from the world, bring it forth for more and more opportunities. The Vedak platform will feature your portfolio, thus maximizing your profile visibility to the leading business organizations and the companies. The multifaceted areas of industry ranging from Healthcare to Education, Agriculture to Pharmaceuticals are looking for expert professionals for advisory positions or consultants to be hired for a part-time or full-time basis. These lucrative opportunities can help the experts to unleash their growth potential and lead the rest.

What is there in the ‘Future’?

Industry Revolution was once the ‘future’, but then it was accomplished. Similarly, Artificial Intelligence was once a ‘Future’, but now it’s an achievement in the modern-day world. First, we have to see a future, and then only we can work for it. There was once a time when the mode of regular employment was considered to be the ‘best’, but the definition has changed. With the Evolution of Workforce in the contemporary era of development and progression, the world is viewing the bounds of 9-to-5 jobs to be unsatisfactory and limited. One must explore his own passion and expertise in order to reach the pinnacle. The modern man has already started his journey to create a human-centric industry where one can continue to develop and better himself through self-discovery. We at Vedak envision to “Reshape and Redefine the Future of Work”, by forming a broadest and well-connected network with the Experts and the Business organizations.

Are you an Expert? Then join us in building a stronger and better workforce across the globe. Experts are the future of an innovative and agile workforce. The organizations are in the constant search for the expert professionals, both working and retired veterans, who can accelerate the growth of business with their niche skills and domain-specific expertise. Take the lucrative plunge out of your restricted cubicle and explore what lies ahead.

Chin up and give the greatest exposure to your expertise. Tell us what you can do best, and we will arrange for the rest.

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