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Things Our Experts Must Do After Saying ‘YES’ To A Project

We welcome you on our site. Vedak is an exclusive community of industry experts and veterans. They are mostly Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), independent consultants and advisors.

After the expert consultants join our network, we thoroughly go through their profiles to ensure that they meet the bar. We connect them to suitable projects, matching their skills and expertise. We arrange for an introductory teleconference where the expert and the client can discuss the relevant topics related to the live project. Once the expert is onboarded after the mutual negotiation, there should be no turning back. The expert must review certain conditions before saying ‘YES’ to a particular project, like:

  • Whether the consultation is allowed by current/former employer
  • Availability of time required for consultation or project completion
  • Whether the topics covered by the live project is matching to your skillset and experience
  • Whether there is a probability for confidentiality breach or conflict of interests, if so then don’t proceed
  • Whether professional ethics, codes of conduct, regulatory reforms of former/current employer is compromised. If so, then don’t proceed
  • Disclosing sensitive and confidential information is prohibited during the consultation. If you anticipate a chance of a possible conflict of interest, you can steer the discussion in another direction, or refrain from proceeding with the consultation.

If you see that the topics of the live project or the consultation are in sync with your expertise and professional decorum, then commit to the project. Once you say ‘YES’ to a particular project after negotiating with the clients, please stick to your commitments. In case of any sudden turn of event where you are facing problem regarding consultation, feel free to reach the concerned Project Manager at any time.

There are a few things that our expert consultants must do after committing to a particular project. Successful project execution will give the experts ample opportunities to get connected to high-value projects and top gigs in the near future.

Respect Your Commitments, No Sudden Change of Plans

A project execution, generally, is teamwork. Many entities are involved, for example in this case, the client company, you as an expert professional, and also Vedak itself. If a project is executed successfully without any hiccup, the reward is shared by all the entities involved. So, it is advisable that being an expert you stick to the promises made by you. If after the mutual discussion, it is decided that the time of the consultation will be Saturday at 7.00 PM, then please make sure that you are available during that time. In case you are having some sudden emergency situation, please let us know. We can schedule an alternate time after discussing with you and clients. But, if you are just not participating in the client meeting at the set time, without any prior notification, this will create an unwanted situation. To avert such confusion and miscommunication, it is expected that our expert professionals must respect their commitments.

Amid the consultation, if you see that there can be any kind of confidentiality breach, refrain from continuing the consultation or steer the discussion towards more generalized topics. As already mentioned, about any such problem, we are always here to help you. Before saying ‘YES’ to a project, know the topic in detail. Try to assess the piece of information that is demanded in the project.

Give Authentic Information, Based on Facts and Figures

If the client has a query related to the estimated expenditure of a particular project, refrain from giving vague answers, like “It may be between 10-20 billion dollars, I am not sure…Let me see.” This kind of vague and confusing answer will not do any good to the live projects and also your professional profile. If your client is having queries related to business expansion, then do detailed research before coming up with answers. Ample research about the competitors, market share, revenue, key products/services, strengths and weaknesses, savings and expenditure etc is essential for covering every aspect of the project and satisfying your clients. Do not jump to excel sheets and graphs for every query your clients may have. Discuss with them. Analyze from every angle and then come up with suitable solutions. Your insightful contributions will lead to significant value to additions to the business diversification.

Proper Communication With Between Our Experts & Clients

Our experts must always communicate properly with clients for a healthy professional network. Being polite and modest are necessary for proper formal communication. We screen our expert professional thoroughly before notifying the clients about the same. Once, we had a client who is a reputed spice manufacturer of India. The client company was planning for business expansion, and requested us for help regarding changing consumer demands, potential competitors, and other related topics. We went through several profiles at our end and shortlisted a few of them. Among them was one such experienced professional who had relevant experience, and we called him to discuss the live project. The expert professional turned out to be rude, arrogant and having irrational demands like the identity of the clients, unrealistic rates for one hour. His behaviour hinted at the fact that he was superiority complex, like “I am an expert, companies are asking for my help. So here, I have an upper hand”. This kind of notion can be detrimental to one’s professional and personal wellbeing. We obviously did not onboard him but noted never to contact him or any professional like him for any of our projects in future. Instances may arise when our experts are having some doubts, or having a viewpoint different from the clients. In such cases, it is advisable that our experts must ask “good logical questions” pertaining to the projects for clarifications. Communicate with logic and authentic data for ideal project execution.


Onboarding a perfect expert professional for a particular industry/market-based project is time-consuming. One has to go through several profiles and resumes before shortlisting a candidate. As a client/business organization looking for a consultant for an on-demand service, you can depend on us. We will connect you only with suitable profiles, as we follow a rigorous 4-step screening procedure before onboarding.

An ideal professional is not only determined by the educational degrees and employment history but also the soft skills, personality and behavioural attributes. As our experts, we would like you to abide by the above-mentioned principles and contribute efficiently to the shaping of the Future of Work.

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