Experts contribute to Future of Work

How Do Our Experts Contribute To The Future Of Work

Vedak is an exclusive community of expert professionals and retired veterans hailing from the diverse industrial domains. Several businesses and organizations onboard our independent consultants, subject matter experts (SMEs) and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) for successful and timely project execution.

The Future of Work has started undergoing radical shifts since the digitalization, automation and technological disruption. The work, workplace and workforce, these three dimensions are witnessing rapid changes. The pandemic Coronavirus or COVID-19 has been speeding up the transformation process, like an effective catalyst. The businesses are carrying out virtual operations, using technological advances. The market is crashing all over the world, the tension between the oil nations, global tensions, have created challenging circumstances for several businesses. The retail, automotive, hospitality and travel sector, etc are facing the wrath of the volatile market conditions. The companies are facing a financial crunch, thus turning their heads towards part-time employments, on-demand services. The companies can ensure cost management by hiring experts, only when needed.

Our experts are niche-skilled, experienced, having in-depth knowledge of competitive market landscapes, diverse industrial domains and the updated technologies. They help businesses and organizations with their fresh perspective and insightful contributions. The Future of Work is built and shaped by experts like ours.

Let us have a look, how our experts contribute to the Future of Work.

Driving the Gig Economy and On-Demand Service

With changing times, the evolution of workforce has shaped the path for the growth of gig economy. The age-old traditional trends of joining a full time service with a fixed salary and job role is making way for the rising gig economy. Freelancing on contracted projects seems to be very flexible and convenient to several qualified employable resources. They can devote their time, energy and knowledge for something they like, for the projects they are interested in.

Dedicating a whole lifetime for something that does not interest the employees and then retiring at 60, is not the plan the expert professionals have nowadays. Even veterans, after their retirements, are eager to continue working on their preferred projects with enthusiasm. Retirement is not seen nowadays as a period to wait for death to knock. But, the experienced professionals are engaged in their ‘passion’ after bidding adieu to the formal employments.  

Not only veterans, even the younger employable resources having above 5-10 years of professional experience, are ready to take the lucrative plunge into freelancing or on-demand services. They prefer financial independence and to be their own boss. The journey towards solopreneurship or entrepreneurship boosts the gig economy to enormous heights.

Handling various projects, working with various organizations hone the skill set of the experts. The more projects and industries they work with, the better their domain-specific knowledge and personal and professional development. They can be their own boss, decide which projects to work in, and which projects to avoid. They are free to listen to their heart, with no external pressure.

Saying from the perspective of the experts, let us now see why the businesses are inclined towards onboarding them. The organizations hire expert professionals when they need one for completing their particular projects. After the project execution, the experts and organizations can part their ways, clean, without any termination or negotiation. Again when requirement crops up, the organizations can hire the same experts or different one, as per the circumstances. The organizations do not have to bear the HR costs and fixed pay scales like that of a full-time employee. With less overhead, the companies can get their work done, at much lower expenses. Our experts are hailing from diverse industries, having years of experience. Be it banking, or retail, or education, or logistics, or any industry, we have our exclusive community of experts and KOLs, who can work as a part-time consultant to an advisor.

Up-Skilling During Fast Technological Advances

The technology is advancing every day. Such an ever-changing situation requires consistent up-skilling and upgrading oneself. The technology that is relevant today may not be so after six months. As per Future Workforce Research (2017) by Accenture, “67% Workers who say it’s important to build skills to work with intelligent machines. Despite worker interest, only 3 per cent of companies plan to boost skills investments significantly in the next three years.”

According to the same report, “97% Executives who say they intend to use AI to enhance worker capabilities. This mirrors the rapid pace of investment in cognitive and AI systems, which could rise to $57.6 billion by 2021.” This shows that organizations all over the world are looking at a collaborative environment to boost productivity, a collaboration between humans and machines. The cognitive technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are being developed and are disrupting each and every industrial sector.

Our experts are niche-skilled, agile and updated with the current technology and trends. They can help the organizations by participating in consultations, group discussions on focused topics, educate about the market trends, most profitable investment options and the current tech advances.

For example, in sectors like Healthcare, Banking, Retail and eCommerce sectors, technological developments target improved user experience and user satisfaction. Healthtech, Fintech is developed so that the users can get their problems solved easily, be it receiving an accurate diagnosis or investment opportunities as per their requirements. We have our experts from around the world, hailing from various industries. They will help the organizations to up-skill their future workforce and be at par with the fast-paced disruptions.

Experts Creating Human-Centric Industry

The waxing wave of freelancing and contractual employments has contributed to the evolution of the workforce. Previously, the trend of full-time employment, retaining the same job for the next 40 years and then retirement used to be deemed as a successful career choice. The job security and the societal norms dominated the sense of freedom in the “employment structures”. But, those times have changed. The economy has changed. The minds of the people have changed. Now, the workforce is more concerned about their job role and the purpose of the same. The human-centric industry or the talent-centric industry is formed, where humans can continue to develop and better themselves through self-discovery.

Nowadays, there are various sites and organizations that help the resources to complete certified courses online, and upgrade themselves. Many organizations sponsor such learning opportunities for their resources. The contractual resources and freelancers drive the evolution of the human-centric industry. The gig economy plays a crucial on the country’s GDP, cushioning an overall economic growth.

At Vedak, we give the greatest exposure to the expertise and talents of the professionals. This helps them to bag high-value projects and achieve success along the way. The projects are assigned primarily on the basis of talents, employment history, educational qualifications and past experiences as a contractual resource. In case, you are wondering how will you get connected to top gigs and opportunities if you don’t have prior experience as a freelancer? At Vedak we welcome expert professionals irrespective of past experiences. But having in-depth domain-specific knowledge and relevant experiences as required for the project execution is crucial. To get connected to suitable projects, register with us. Create a profile highlighting your skills, talents and experiences. We will get back to you once we have a project matching your profile.

Experts Aid Business Diversification

We got a consultation request from an automotive component manufacturing firm in India, who wanted to evaluate the opportunity for diversification of portfolio considering the phasing out of the Internal Combustion Engines in the upcoming decade. Our Germany-based expert consultant experienced in Electrical Vehicle, came to India to understand the development capabilities and the scope for manufacturing the parts of electrical vehicles. He also prepared a decade-long roadmap for our clients, as the project demanded. Our consultant thus helped the firm to plan the business expansion. Both our clients and the expert consultant was satisfied with the successful project execution.

Our experts can aid your business growth in the following ways.

  • On-site Engagements: Our team of professional experts will help in the successful completion of the projects by meeting the clients on-site. The clients can meet the professional consultants face to face and discuss the detailed structure and design of the live projects. The professional experts are well endowed with domain-specific skills and expertise, which will cushion the project execution at a steady pace. We will connect you with the specially screened experts and veterans so that you can meet all the demands of your live projects. The experts will meet you directly to avoid any chance of confusion and ambiguity. We understand your requirements, and accordingly, we will aid you with the right professionals, on-demand. 
  • 1-on-1 consultations: We value your personalised concerns and subjective prerequisites, and keeping that in mind, we will arrange for 1-on-1 consultations with the best minds and experts. You can consult the experts over email, telephone, video calls or personalised meetings as per your requirements. Engage with the experts at your convenience for the hassle-free and smooth execution of your projects. We understand that 1-on-1 consultations are best where you can communicate freely with the experts without any undue interference. We will arrange the consultations just the way you need it, thus nullifying any probability of confusion. 
  • Expert Surveys: We know you want the best, and so do we. We will help you to get connected to industry veterans and experienced professionals for developing a better grasp of the ongoing market trends and the competitive landscape. In order to know the “best”, the trial and error method is needed. But for you, we will arrange for expert surveys which will ensure fast project execution. Tell us what your requirements are, be it understanding the investment plans or strategic priorities, or anything whatsoever. We will connect you to our exclusive pool of experts with an exact skill set so that you can meet all your requirements. We value your precious time, so surveys with Vedak experts will certainly boost the pace of your commencement and completion. 
  • Round Table discussions: Google is there for answering your questions fast, but are those answers the best and exclusive? The round table discussions with our onboarded experts and experienced professionals will not only answer your queries fast but also an exclusive and unique perspective. Experience is the best teacher. And our veterans and key opinion leaders will guide you for the best understanding of the nitty-gritty of the diverse market landscape, profitable investment options, regulatory aspects etc. Engage with our experts Round table discussions and explore the unexplored avenues of the corporate trends and industry swings. Be a member with us and get the best service from the best minds, on-demand. Successful and hassle-free project execution is guaranteed with our compliant and competent experts. 
  • Board Placements:  Experience does not refer only to the years of employment, but also the quality and domain of the employment. Experienced professionals, industry veterans like former CXO or CEO can elevate the growth potential of your organization with their expert advice and wise decision-making ability. At Vedak, we will connect you to the experienced professionals who can onboard in your company for long term advisory or board roles. There are several experienced and employable resources who have willingly or unwillingly quit corporate life, but they are always eager to contribute and reach higher in their specific domains. We at Vedak aim to explore these experienced and wise minds so that they can be a prized asset to your organization. Come to us for engaging with our veterans and experts possessing the exact skill set matching your posted project. 
  • Masterclass and seminars: There is no end to learning in this destined span of life, so we have arranged for the experts and professionals who can deliver knowledge via masterclasses and seminars. You may need to know the ongoing trends of the waving markets, or the best strategies for the project, or investment programmes. We at Vedak have built the strongest network of experienced professionals hailing from diverse industrial arenas who can help you to understand the relevant topics. We will ensure that you get the best answers to all your queries in the masterclasses, seminars and workshops staged by the experienced professionals and industry veterans. Be a part of the Vedak family and, as our name suggests, be enriched with knowledge related to your specific domain and requirements. 

We have an exclusive pool of experts, having experience and specializing in diverse domains. They can help the organizations to come up with strategies and business models required for achieving success in the long run.

Whether you are an Expert Consultant, or a Business Organization, contact us TODAY to know more.

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