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Benefits of Hiring Our Expert Professionals and Consultants

We welcome you to our site. Hope you are doing well. We connect you to the curated network of expert professionals for successful and timely project execution.

As already mentioned, we provide Expert Consultation to various organizations and top gigs hailing from the diverse industrial cross-sections. Several companies look for experienced professionals to help them optimize business expansion. We connect our experts to these firms based on their skills and domain-specific knowledge.

Our experts are onboarded as an independent consultant, key opinion leaders (KOLs) and advisors. They cushion your business growth with their niche skills, fresh perspective, adaptability and valuable insights. Businesses and organizations can enjoy several benefits from hiring expert professionals from our exclusive community.

Save Time and Money

Every project has its own deadlines, own specifications. The organizations and businesses are looking for part-time expert consultants and veterans for successful project execution. Onboarding the right candidate for on-demand service can be time-consuming and also expensive. The organizations have to invest time and energy for finding the right candidate for the job. The assessment of the resume and the employment history is not enough to onboard a particular candidate for a high-value project. The educational backgrounds, soft skills, personality, past experience as a consultant, domain-specific knowledge, etc have to be considered. The process will take time, and we know that in business time is money.

We, at Vedak, help the organizations to get connected to expert professionals, who are ‘just right’ for the live projects. We follow a 4-step rigorous screening procedure for shortlisting the right person. We ensure that the candidate has a solid educational background from premium institutions, is an alumnus of top organizations having the highest market share in the specific domain, for example, BCG, McKinsey, Amazon etc. The candidate must have relevant experience pertaining to the project requirements. We engage in detailed discussions and screening procedures before finding the right professional for your business.

Value Addition and Value Creation by Expert Professionals

Our expert professionals accelerate value addition and value creation in your business. The experts contribute to optimize business growth and elevate revenue generation. For example, you have your well-established business in India, and you want to expand it in some other parts of the world, like Asia, USA etc. For, reaching your destination and accelerate business expansion, you need to have ample knowledge regarding the changing market landscape, the key competitors, the profitable investment options, the market shares, the required financial planning, supply chain logistics, operations management costs etc. To know all these crucial details, you need to be connected to the expert professional hailing from the same domain as your business. If you are an automotive company, then you will find the accurate answers to your queries from an experienced professional hailing from the automotive industry.

The expert professional or the veteran can add valuable insights to your business. He can analyze the situations from various angles and come up with bulletproof solutions. Our pre-screened experts can help your business with value addition and creation. Our experts are well acquainted with the nitty-gritty of the volatile market. They can give you solutions based on their first-hand experience and in-depth knowledge.

Competent and Compliant Expert Professionals

Our expert professionals and consultants adhere to a rigorous compliance framework, ensuring hassle-free engagement experience. A seamless experience is something you demand and we ensure you get it. At Vedak, we follow strict policies for safeguarding the interests of both our expert professionals and clients. We make sure that the information demanded and provided during the consultation is neither sensitive nor confidential. We respect the confidentiality of the clients and experts. Once, the expert agrees to consult on a particular project, he has to abide by the company policies, rules and regulations. Our pre-vetted experts are competent and provide valuable contributions. Our best in class experts hailing from 20+ industries are competent, as well as compliant. Our expert professionals and veterans respect the relationship with clients for successful project execution.

Enjoy Flexibility and Risk-free trial period

We have been maintaining a track record of 98.5% fulfilment rate, building technology with human oversight resulting in higher CSAT. Your demand will be met with compliant and competent experts. We will connect the suitable expert to the client for the completion of the live projects. We make sure that the client is satisfied with the performance of our expert professionals. But, in case, the client remains unsatisfied, we provide the fastest replacement. Our clients can enjoy a free trial period up to 10% of the project duration, get a replacement at no cost in case you are not satisfied. They can get to know the expert professionals before finalizing the project. After we shortlist a particular candidate, we organize a teleconference between the client and expert after mutual discussions about the availability. The client can hold preliminary discussions regarding live projects. If the client is not happy, we give fast and free replacement at the earliest.

Vedak will connect you to the smartest minds, on-demand. Be it long term or short term projects, we will provide you with a niche skilled and agile workforce to fuel the growth of your business.  The leading organizations are not just restricting with in-bound resources, but they are exploring the external resources as well. We at Vedak will aid the business with professional minds and experts for exponential profitability. 

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  1. I’m glad that you said that hiring a consultant can be beneficial for the success of your project execution, and that it can also help you save money. My wife is planning on starting a make-up line soon, and we know nothing about running a business. We are going to need potential employees, so we’ll definitely look for a consulting company that offer staffing services.

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