How to be a freelancer without prior experience

How To Be A Freelancer Without Prior Experience (6 Steps Guide)

In Oklahoma, USA, a 14-year-old boy tried to earn a living by milking his family cow. He began selling milk in his neighbourhood, as a freelance milkman. During the Great Depression, he earned by selling newspapers and magazines as a freelancer. Sometimes he worked as a waiter in exchange for food. He was a hustling freelancer, then in 1962, he opened his first branded retail store “Wal-Mart”, now “Walmart”, and we all know the story that followed. You guessed right, I am talking about Sam Walton who is the founding father of Walmart.

Freelancing holds diverse prospects for personal and professional growth. No one is born experienced. Experience is an acquired attribute which must be channelized in the proper direction. You have passed your graduation and want to explore freelancing. But you have no such experience. Pitching your profile to the client, bagging a high-value project and monetising your expertise may pose as a tough challenge to you now. But there are several ways by which you can fulfill your dream to be a freelancer, even though without prior experience.

1. Define your skills and expertise:

No one can assess you better than yourself. You are aware of your skillset, you know what you can do best, and you have to expert in that domain. Your focussed skill set will attract the client’s attention the most. Excelling in a particular area is what is demanded the most. If you have no experience, that does not mean you cannot have anything to offer on the plate. Your focussed skill set and expertise will make you an asset to the clients. If the clients find you to be the best at you do, then having no experience can easily go unnoticed. Be confident about your skillset, so that whatever project comes you can complete it successfully without any confusion and ambiguity.

2. Make a strong digital presence:

Digitization and globalization have brought the world closer than never before. The birth of the Internet has made it possible for all of us to go beyond the reach of human imagination. If you are not present on the digital platforms, then you do not exist anywhere actually. Create your own portfolio highlighting your expert skills and required qualities and kick start your freelancing journey. There are several websites available around you, where you can feature your resume and key skills. The strong digital presence will make you visible among the crowd. Would not it be better if you get calls from clients after posting your portfolio? It is possible, read along to know more. if you are thinking about how to be a freelancer, then this step is crucial as thus you can create your identity.

3. Have your own blog:

You have received an interview call from an XYZ company, before going there will you not search about it on the web? In case you do not find any official site of this company, will you find it credible? Your answer will be a big NO. Having your own site, own blogging site will make you more credible and authentic. Nowadays, building a strong digital presence is as essential and crucial as having Adhar Card and PAN Card. Do not postpone starting your own blog site. Within a few minutes, you can sign up WordPress and start your site. Create a portfolio, write about skills and expertise, write about experiences, industry trends, your domain-related topics etc. This way, the clients can read you effectively before proceeding with the deal. Present yourself aptly with the information you are providing. Your blog site is a very helpful method of self-promotion.

4. Work on your sample:

You may not have experience yet, but you can have your own sample work to show it to others. Most people will hesitate to invest in you if you are unable to show your sample work performance. Let’s say, you are an expert freelance Graphic Designer who is waiting to get noticed by the clients. Even if you are unable to show an experience certificate, you must be able to show some samples of your designing work. It will be best if you keep some samples of your best work for showing to the clients as this way you can showcase your expertise and skills. Your sample works must be highlighted in your blog site for attaining positive feedback from prospective clients. Your samples portray that you are capable of being a proficient freelancer.

5. Never stop working on your site:

When you are investing in some insurance plan, you don’t get any return immediately after paying the principal amount. You have to give it sometime before you get rewarded with the returns. I have seen people who are starting their blog site with loads of enthusiasm, then after posting for a month, they are inactive. You have to update your site every day. Come up with new blog site, new sample work, new and innovative ideas etc. Be prepared to get some NOs, before getting a YES. But after a month, if you stop updating your site then your digital presence will be deemed to be dormant, thus minimizing your chance to land with the first project.

6. Personal Branding:

Digital platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other sites can help you to boost and build your personal branding. Your expertise and skills are not just highlighted words, but your personal traits. Write blogs, upload video tutorials, start questionnaires, show sample work etc to create your personal branding. The more people know you, the stronger your brand is. In this era of thriving digital communications, your virtual presence must be well connected to the masses. Your lack of experience can no longer drag you back if you have a powerful branding.


Everything has got a beginning, so starting a freelancing without any prior experience is not a rare phenomenon. If you are a freelancer, you can be your own boss, you can work as per your terms and convenience. Before taking a plunge in this flexible mode of employment you have to build your own credibility. Once the client is confident about your capability, you are good to go. The two most important steps to land your freelancing career is: strong digital presence and being an expert in your domain. Maximise your portfolio visibility to get connected to broad networks of clients and lucrative business opportunities.

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